The Animated Sleep Atlas:

This is an Adobe Flash™ presentation demonstrating a variety of polysomnographic abnormalities including PLMS, OSA, Upper Airway Resistance Arousal and more.


The Clinical Approach to the Patient with a Sleep Complaint:

Article by Jerald H. Simmons, M.D. discussing the societal sleep problem, the role of the primary care physician and background information on sleep.


Diagnostic Sleep Testing in the Evaluation of Snoring and Sleep Apnea:

The dilemma frequently encountered by the dentist wishing to offer an appliance for treatment of snoring or sleep apnea is whether there is a need for extensive testing of patients who present with a complaint of snoring. This article describes diagnostic sleep testing in the evaluation of patients with snoring and sleep apnea.


Nocturnal Bruxism .pdf posters presented at APSS Conferences, and
Neurology of Sleep and Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders and Their Relationships to Sleep Bruxism :

Involuntary grinding and clenching teeth at night, known as Nocturnal Bruxism, is a significant problem for millions of Americans and can lead to a painful condition known as TMJ or TMD, Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction. It has been recognized for many years that a relationship exists between Nocturnal Bruxism and OSA. Recent research conducted by Dr. Simmons has demonstrated that 25% of patients with OSA demonstrate Nocturnal Bruxism.

Diagnostic Sleep Testing

Snoring and sleep apnea are extremely common, and patients with these conditions require proper evaluation through diagnostic sleep testing.

Nocturnal Bruxism

Involuntary grinding and clenching teeth at night, known as Nocturnal Bruxism. CSMA can help you resolve this issue and sleep soundly.

Professional Resource Library

To help you develop a full understand of sleep medicine and clinical diagnostics, CSMA has developed a Professional Resource Library.

Sleep Atlas

The Sleep Atlas sleep resources helps to identify a sleep complaint and define possible treatment options and courses of action.

REM Behavior Disorders Research

REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is a sleep disorder in which a patient will physically act out their dreams unknowingly while asleep.